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Feb 23-25

virtual seminars and trade show


Welcome to the 2021 virtual Spokane Ag Show! While the show might be over we are still showcasing exhibitors and offering on demand seminars. It is free to attend and can be accessed through attendee registration link.


Dr. Art Douglas' session is available with his weather session, in addition to Washington State University Economics Professor, Dr. Randy Fortenbery's, annual agriculture economic forecast. Many other on-demand sessions are also available.

Exhibitors still have exclusive opportunities to connect with clients and attendees of the conference. They have ownership over their own pages to customize content, connect with clients, and post videos. There is a searchable directory of exhibitors, that will remain accessible for a full show cycle year!

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The Spokane Ag Show is a 3 day event that takes place every February in Spokane, WA, and brings together agriculture professionals from across the Northwest. 

a place where ag professionals MEET to collaborate, connect and create new relationships

a variety of seminars where industry professionals LEARN valuable information from experts on

industry changes, technology, and resources

a platform for the next generation of ag professionals to GROW through exposure to industry pathways